Preface / About book

“Explore more” is the pioneering effort in India by Quest in transforming the conventional style of learning especially in schools. The very need for such methods of learning emerges from the sole textbook explanations without providing any graphical/animated representations. This piece of work started with just a small idea, but because of the involvement of many people’s effort in developing, it took the shape of a book. This book fundamentally uses the technology called Augmented Reality, where virtual objects are get placed or projected virtually into the real world using a digital device like a phone, tablet or any other compatible devices. A better understanding can be provided using such virtual projections without any practical/real implications on the subject areas. The technology has been in use in many sectors, predominantly designs, where the use of such means makes the process very efficient. Similarly, it could be used in educational sector where learning can become more fun and practical Every sector in India has seen great innovations in last few decades where technologies have played a vital role in upgrading the services and respective processes. However, the educational institutions and schools in India are yet to incorporate these technological advances which have potential use in this sector. Few new innovative techniques of learning were introduced in the sector like SmartBoards, which are still confined to a handful of schools (of any order) throughout the nation. Thus, it was one of our objectives to make it available to as many students as possible irrespective of their school, economic status, and location. It is user-friendly for an elementary student requiring the basic knowledge for operating any compatible electronic device, and possibilities for development and innovations with this tool by students itself is boundless. A three-dimensional representation of various elements in addition to two-dimensional representation and text explanation will allow students to understand without doubts. Such an application of the technology would increase the imagination power of students or anyone using the tool. The tool allows for a number of users at the same time, contrary to Smart-Boards where a tutor has control over visualization. We are making huge effort to make the education much more entertaining, elaborative, interesting and easy to comprehend. In the coming days, there are more Books coming on the way, based on a different subject like Historical buildings, Biology, Medical procedures etc. We believe you will love our effort and work we have put in and We will appreciate your support.