India lacks good quality education system especially at the schools level, because of two reasons, one is
the obsolete and strict regulation of the board and second is very less stimulus for a student to initiate studies. We as a company trying to disrupt the education system once and for all.

“We want to bring much better ways of learning experience to a student and change the way the current style or mode of learning being conducted”

The company wants to disrupt the education system, redefine and bring the new form and mode of learning where the student will be the part of the learning process and not being a spectator, like in current mode of teaching

We as a company is striving to achieve and provide a great sense of involvement and visualization to a student and by doing so, it will increase the capacity of a student to adhere the subject they are learning and on the top of that, we believe that the students nowadays are very much stimulated from the digital devices that there need to be more stimulus in the way the learning is being conducted so that we could give them the same mode of teaching they are very interested in.
As Benjamin Franklin’s quote goes
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”

The very first thing people want from their child is they should learn what they are taught but there is a majority of child who does not have initial motivation or thrust toward studies and we are simply making this psychological factor to get out the way and enabling the kids to get motivated for studies on the top of that we are making the learning much more interesting and involving which makes the student being much interested towards the learning and the problem of making them motivated towards studies will be minimal.