The scale of the problem we are solving:

If you observe closely, you will notice that all the EdTech companies have resolved TWO BIG problems in education, the number one is the “distribution”, by going digital they have solved one of the biggest problems which is to reach each and every student in India because with a physical coaching/tuition model you cannot reach every student that is out there, but with the learning app, you can. The second problem they have solved is the “accessibility”, students can access whatever they want to learn “anytime” and “anywhere” right in their hand. Now the crazy part here is that as they do not go with the physical model they saved a lot of expenses, they do not have to provide salaries to Staff (other than teachers) like Guards, Cleaners, Office boys Etc, and One of BIGGEST expenses they saved is the property/rent, which goes up to lakhs and lakhs of rupees per square feet in the places like Delhi or Mumbai or other major cities (where they focus more). And it is because of fewer expenses they are able to funnel the majority of the revenue toward delivering Quality education that is needed, (and also funneling revenue into marketing too)

But as the days are going by and also during and after the COVID, people start to realize that learning digital is not a sustainable model, students do not have the motivation to stick to the screen for so long, and there is a person-to-person communication which is crucial but that is missing when it comes to learning applications. Are you getting my point?

One of the biggest pieces of proof for my statement is the acquisition of the Akash institution by Byju. In the statement of their acquisition, they have stated that ” Going forward the physical model is the future, irrespective of the online model” and this statement was the foundational motivation/reason behind their GIGANTIC acquisition of Akash institution.


Our Approach:

This is where we come, now we know learning digital has a lot of Pros, but at the same time, it has Cons. Here we are making a fundamental approach to this problem, by leveraging the PROS and reducing the impact of CONS.

What we are doing here is that we are merging 2 industries, “Gaming and Education”. See if you observe you will notice that kids literally spend hours & hours sticking to the screen playing games, In fact, I would say they dedicatedly devote their time to gaming because they enjoy the process so much. Here they are doing the same thing, which is to stick to the screen for so long, but they are actually enjoying the process and even if you ask them any stage or level of the game, they will tell you everything in detail, without missing a single part. This is where we are focusing on i.e. “Gamifying the learning process – while remaining a most affordable category”

But how are we executing this:

We know books are a core part of each & every student’s backpack. Whether a student is learning in a Government school or a Big Private school, books are something which is a core part of the learning of every school student.  But School Books are Dead Boring & there is no alternative to boring textbooks.

That’s why We are building Smartbooks which is a replacement for Boring school textbooks,

Smartbooks let students learn ordinary subjects in an extraordinary way. Smartbooks are physical Textbooks, consisting of special Scannable diagrams which you can Scan with our Mobile App & interact with super realistic-looking subjects like never before, and create a deep understanding of the subject that you are learning.

Why we are focusing on books: It is not just a part of each and every student’s backpack the books actually contain the whole curriculum class-wise and include everything that is needed for the same class student to learn.

Key to our success: As we are focusing on books which is very relevant and also given preference by the Indian society, we have a huge probability of success. Secondly, as our Smartbook will cost below 300 INR, containing all the NCERT-based curriculum it is one of the most affordable means of learning, in fact, I would say impactful learning experience. 

Why does your company have high growth potential? Becoming a part of each and every school in India is an impossible thing to even imagine, TATA Edgeclass, Educomp, Extramarks, and so many other players with deep pockets & big brains have tried doing it but eventually failed. But starting with the books which are a core part of each & every single school in INDIA, whether Pvt school or Govt. school, is a only sure shot way to get entry into the education system from the bare roots.